Accountability Strategies

Accountability & Mentoring

Who holds the CEO or business owner accountable? It is an important question that The Service Strategist wants you to answer.

An owner should be a person who creates jobs for other people, your ability to also bring about meaningful change to your company is a critical role an owner plays. However, many companies lack a leader capable of taking on this role, and while hard to hear, this leader might be you.

Maybe you have trouble following up, taking the first step, or acting to create changes within your company, which is why you should want us to become your accountability partner. At The Service Strategist, we keep you on the hook for those changes. Not only are you paying to pinpoint those changes within your organization, but we also make sure you are acting on the advice with our accountability process. We teach you how to be accountable and therefore effective within your organization.

Additional Business Services

When you put money on the table, you are far more likely to act, that is why we charge what we charge for joining the Service Guild. If membership was free, there would be no accountability on both our end and your end. 

Another way we hold you accountable is by giving you more tools to manage your business, to make your job as a CEO much easier. This is why we also offer in-depth services that go beyond our Guild Membership. Hand the project off to The Service Strategist. We take the reins on it, and our Strategists and Service experts get it done for you. So, when you do not have the staff or time to do something The Service Strategist is here to serve your needs.

Check out our Additional paid services open to anyone looking for a mentor that can get stuff done on your behalf. Open to non-guild members, and if you are already a member of the Service Guild, these services come at a reduced price!

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