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Market Disruptor Mastery Session

Jamie Donaldson

The Service Strategist Founder

Mentoring You on...

Finding more sales leads
Regional marketing mastery
Accelerated Advertising
By Unlocking your Google Mastery
Bold Rebranding Strategies
Advertising with Purpose, Passion & Power
How to connect with your customers, and build them into a clients


October 4, 2023

Time: 1:00 PM

Where: Google Meet

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Join us on Oct. 4th @ 1:00 PM for The Market Disruptor Session. The Service Strategist network will show you how to shake up your local region, so your company goes from a nobody to a name people recognize and trust. We have found trades company owners desperately need a bold brand, and we want to show you how it is totally achievable.  Sign Up Today for $59 & attendees get a Company Health-Check Up. 

I was you 5 years ago, with no time, no staff, and no money—I was trapped in my HVAC business. I lived the same day-to-day grind, and mentally, I was on the razor’s edge. Service calls at 11 PM, building metal at 5 AM, stressing about my crews, and worrying about how to pay my bills. I knew a change in my life was desperately needed! So, when I finally shifted how I was leading, we went from a small doing $1 million a year to doing $10 million in just 4 years’ time. It wasn’t until I started to read about branding, leadership, and sales strategy that my life became easier. But it was hard-earned. It took time to sift through the countless business books promising success but were rarely useful for us tradesmen. That’s why I want to impart my business knowledge to you via a website made by me, a regular blue-collar Joe. The site contains business strategies tailored for HVAC — TESTED & PROVEN by our team at Donaldson Home Services out of London, Ontario. The Service Strategist site is your business tool that frees up time, helps hire staff, and earns more money!

Jamie Donaldson
The Service Strategist
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