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The SErvice STartegist Advantage!

What you Get for $249 per month:

Access to a vast range of documents, materials, and business strategies that aid & guide you through running a business. 

  • Marketing, Branding & Adverting 
  • Sales Process & Material 
  • Operations & Business Practices
  • Company Growth Methods
  • CEO Mindset
  • Access to exclusive CEO, Sales & Tech training workshops 
  • Monthly Deep Skill Newsletter
  • A Network of Trades Owners
  • Get Access Today!
*Subscription renews automatically on the 13th month. Cancel anytime after one year.

Get out of the Truck & Into the Office

Find the business tools you need, so you can finally get out of the truck and start actually leading your company. It takes a lot of time to create documents, processes, and printable materials for your company. The Service Strategist has created all of that for you! Easy to use and simple to print off. 

 Boost Revenues | Hand Off Tasks | Rally Your Staff | Find Your Vision


From The Service Strategist, Jamie Donaldson: 

Online Access Comes With:

Forms: Safety Talks | Sales Material | Flat Rate Books | HR Operation Manuals

A tested Sales Process that double's the industry average closing rate

Growth Strategy methods to respond and spur your company's size

Explosive branding techniques that disrupt markets

Google advertising set up & rundown for seach

Learn when & how to hire staff and keep them!

Annually Workshops on the following topics: 

Consultative Sales Process | Service Tech Sales  | Service Business Accelerator 

Why do we require a 1-Year Subscription?

The cost of website membership has been split over 12 payments to make it as accessible as possible. We want businesses of all sizes to get access to the wealth of material, theories, and documentation we have developed specifically for the trades. We recognize that $3000 for website access seems pricey at first glance, but we ensure you the growth tools you get, will pay for it tenfold.    

Ask your self these questions:

So we ask if you own a job or a business or do you work for your company or is it working for you? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to sign-up for The Service Strategist. 

Finally, how often are the people you hire quitting? This is a major indication of how willing people want to work for your company. The time to change was yesterday.

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