Re-Branding Road Map

What you can expect when rebranding with the Service Strategist

Our Branding Strategy — Disruptive Marketing

The Service Strategist employs a special kind of branding that is bolder and more disruptive than the traditional brands you may see on TV, social media, YouTube, or printed on the side of the boards of an ice rink.

In the trades industry, we find that most brands are far too low-key and not captivating enough to grab the attention of their local region. We are all small fish when it comes to billion-dollar brands like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Tesla, and Microsoft, you can never out spend their advertising. This is why owners that run trade companies need in-your-face, colorful & family-friendly branding that sticks out like a sore thumb.

TTS Rebrand Advantages

Recognizable Company in Your City/Region
Eye-Catching Company Vehicles
Increased Sales Leads
Boosted Reputation
Employee-Company Pride
Professional Appearance

  • Stage 1: Company Name

    Finding a company name that is unique, pops, & speaks to your company core.

    TSS Includes:
    -Avoid bad naming practices
    -Change name without losing
    client base
    -Confirm name is legally available

  • Stage 2: Company Trucks

    A truck wrapped so bold—it looks like no other vehicle on the road.

    TSS includes:
    -Bold color design
    -Logo Design
    -Company Mascot
    -3-D Layouts for every vehicle

  • Stage 3: Sales Material

    Unify your client-facing documents to strengthen your brand.

    TSS includes:
    -Branded Pricing Sheets
    -Professional Quotes
    -Sales Folder
    -Business Cards
    -Membership Plans

  • Stage 4: Home Comfort Guide

    Create a 20–30-page booklet that describes everything about who you are as a company and the products & services it offers.

    TSS Includes:
    -Graphic Design
    -Layout for printing

  • Stage 5: Rebranding Digital Profiles

    Your digital avatar needs to also reflect your brand, so when clients find you it evokes the same feelings.

    TSS Includes:
    -Website Rebrand
    -Social Media channels rebrand
    -Google Business Profile Alignment

  • Stage 6 – Final Stage

    Top off your rebrand with even more tangible assets that show off your colors.

    TSS Includes:
    -Company Swag
    -Home Show displays

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