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Our Team

Jamie Donaldson

The Service Strategist Founder

“My mission is to help small and medium businesses make their industry a better place for clients. I do this by transforming a company into a client-focused service provider that becomes more profitable and attractive to do business with. We earn the business of our clients and treat them with care.”

Anna Donaldson

Owner & Operations Strategist

“Leadership is taking care of your team, so they can turn around and take care of your clients.”

Paul Hayes

Copy Strategist

“A good headline can make you a millionaire – let’s get it written!”

Rodnie masiclat

Graphics Strategist

“Design with creativity, execute with strategy, and success will follow.”

Emily mason

advisor Strategist

“If business growth is a door, mindset is the key to unlock it.”

Nathan Crandall

Sales Strategist

“People don’t buy products, they buy solutions to problems.”

Jamie Kluke

Technical Strategist

“Supporting staff with knowledge, but also teaching them the soft skills of client care.”

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