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The Service Business Accelerator

The Service Strategist puts on a 3-Day workshop aimed at trades companies looking to grow their business. We expose companies to effective strategists across multiple aspects of business operations. This event is held in person and is as much a business crash course as it is a networking event where owners share their experiences in trying to grow. At the end of the 3-Day event, you will have a method to plan and implement the concepts and strategies learned into your business.  The Service Business Accelerator is the first step in joining the Service Guild.

The Service Guild Roundtable

An exclusive live event for company owners enrolled in The Service Guild. This event is a deep dive on a hand-picked topic by guild members. We talk about industry trends, strategies that have worked, and how to implement processes and systems in your company.   

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Live Event FAQ

Any Trades company! We simply ask you to contact us before the event begins so we can arrange a material package used at the event. Attending company owners may also bring one guest free of charge.

The 3-Day Service Business Accelerator costs $500 to attend this 3-Day event where lunch and refreshments are provided.

Attending companies who complete the 3-Day workshop will receive a reduced membership rate of 20%.

Yes, we encourage current Service Guild members to attend or send a key staff member to learn about our successful business processes. Service Guild members can get a substantial discount please contact us before signing up.



Want to learn more about what we offer? Reach out, we are happy to serve your business today.

Running a business is tough; we often call it a lonely island. Reach out and we will be happy to support you and your Business. As an owner, you will learn the most from other business owners like yourself. Let us be your personal mentor, support staff, or coach because it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top!

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