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Business Services by The Service Strategist

Finding the time or staff members to take on new tasks or implement a change may not be an option with your current business. While we encourage owners to grow by adding new employees, we recognized that might not always be on the table. This is why The Service Strategist is here to support your business with a host of different business services our expert support team has on offer. For a small reasonable fee, we will implement, write, design, or train on your behalf. The best part? Current Service Guild Members get these services at a reduced rate.



Free up time by assigning us a task you need to be done, but lack the personnel to complete internally.


3rd Party or freelance services are expensive, and results can be a mixed bag. The Service Strategist specializes in trades companies.


We are passionate about helping trades companies grow and reach new heights of profitability. Our services are tailored to home services and actually work.

Business Support Services On Offer

When you simply do not have the time to implement something yourself, we can lend a hand to your organization.

Click & Grab Ads

Hundreds of social media ads fit to post…
We have created hundreds of downloadable Social Media Ads that you can use to advertise your company, in your region. We help you customize the ads with your company colors, logo, and message.
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Budgeting Planning

Company finances for today & tomorrow…
We teach you how to budget-plan for the best, average, and worst-case scenarios. A company without a budget is like a car without a steering wheel! Let us drive you toward business success.
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Sales Training

Sales methods that increase your closing rate…
Our in-home sales process is the best method to sell things in the trades industry. We have proven and effective methods that will boost your closing rate and spur your company’s growth! What kind of growth? How does a 60% closing rate sound?
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Training Academy

A place for tech to learn client care & sales…
Looking to move one of your techs into a leadership role within your business? We teach your techs to care for the client’s home and give them basic sales techniques that convert to more sales.
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Branding Services

Standout from other local businesses…
Most trade companies do not have a brand. Our branding services re-define your company’s image so you can market it more effectively.
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Leadership Training

Break down your mental barriers and become a CEO…
Who holds the owner of a company accountable? The Service Strategist will help you think better, so you can work smarter. We teach you the hidden power of the mind and how to dispel belief roadblocks holding you back.
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Effective Business Mentoring


Running a business is tough; we often call it a lonely island. Reach out and we will be happy to support you and your Business. As an owner, you will learn the most from other business owners like yourself. Let us be your personal mentor, support staff, or coach because it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top!

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